We would like to thank our supporters who share our vision of working with the nation to take the 5 S.T.E.P.S. to Mind Your Back. The campaign is supported by a number of industry experts including:

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“As a trainer, I know only too well the importance of looking after your back. It's what helps to support you so it makes sense to support it back! Neglecting your back is the source of so many injuries when it comes to exercise and working out, which is why I'm supporting the Mentholatum Mind Your Back campaign.”

Faisal Abdallah, Personal Trainer 

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“I am a trained physiotherapist and I've taught yoga professionally for seven years. In that time I have worked with many people who suffer from back pain and what always struck me about their conditions was how easily preventable they were.

I'm extremely excited to be part of Mentholatum's Mind Your Back campaign, and it's great to see that someone is finally educating the world about how simple preventative and rehab strategies are.”

Celest Pereira, Physiotherapist &
Yoga Instructor

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“As a passionate Chartered Physiotherapist with 30 years in clinical practice and 20 years in the media, I have spent a large part of my life talking about the management of back pain and sports injuries.

I was very keen to work with Mentholatum’s Mind Your Back campaign to help people understand how easy it is to prevent back pain in the first place and in the event of an injury, how to help optimise the healing process.”

Sammy Margo, Physiotherapist 

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As a mum of 2 young kids (1 and 4 year olds) and having history of back pain, I knew the Mind Your Back campaign was something I really wanted to support. Looking after your back as a parent is so super important, you are constantly carrying and lifting, if mum or/ and dad are out of action then the whole family suffers! I really want people to know how easy it is to take a few minutes each day to do some simple stretches and strengthening exercise that can help. Having a healthy back means I can be a more physical and a happier, hands on parent. Exercise is really key to my mental health and wellness as well. I love using the heat pads on my back if I have any aches or lower back pain, especially if I have to be on the move and have become more conscious of looking after my body and taking time for myself each day.

Emma Paton, Family Lifestyle Blogger 

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I have suffered from back problems in the last 5 years caused by a slipped disc and after being told that rest was the best thing for it , it got worse. For me rest was the complete opposite to what I needed and  keeping it mobile and well stretched saw big improvements very quickly. The Mind Your Back campaign will help people mobilise their back with stretch like I did to get me back at work on the farm and training hard for triathlon. The Mind Your Back Campaign is great for me as both the job and sport that I do can end up doing very repetitive movements, so Stretching, Therapy, Exercise, Posture and Strengthening are all things I need to think about and do regularly.

Adam Magde, Triathlete + Farmer


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