A long-term solution to help manage back pain is by strengthening the back-supporting muscles which weaken over time.

A strong core provides good support for the spine. Here are 5 simple exercises to help strengthen your back muscles and help prevent back pain.

If at any time you feel pain doing these stretches, be sure to stop; stretches should feel comfortable. Go slowly and let your body have time to stretch. You should feel the positive benefits the more you keep stretching

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Duration: 0.42

  • Stand feet hip width apart.
  • Engage your butt and pull your tummy in
  • Tuck your chin to your chest and roll down bone by bone.
  • Let your head pull you down,  let arms hang loose, take a couple of breaths
  • Slowly roll up into standing
  • Repeat x2


Duration: 0.42

  • Get down on all fours - hands under shoulders, knees under hips
  • Breathe in and engage your butt and pull in your tummy
  • Extend one leg back, knee lifted, then the other, so you are in a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles
  • Hold it for a few breaths
  • Repeat x2


Duration: 0.43

  • Lie face down and stretch your arms out in front of you palms down
  • Engage your butt and pull in your tummy
  • Slowly lift your right arm and left leg off the mat, lifting your head and neck slightly keeping your gaze down while stretching diagonally
  • Take a couple of breaths and slowly lower your arm and leg.
  • Then swap to your left arm and right leg
  • Trying to stretch a bit further each time. Repeat x2


Duration: 0.43

  • Lie on your back and get your feet near to your bottom arms flat by your side
  • Engage your butt and pull your tummy in
  • Tip your pelvis to the ceiling and lift your tailbone off the mat and then your back, one vertebrae at a time, until there is a straight line, from your knees to your shoulders
  • Pause there for a few breaths and then reverse the move, lowering yourself back slowly to the mat. Keeping your pelvis tipped until your spine makes it back to the mat
  • Repeat x2

THE 100

Duration: 0.42

  • Lie on your back, knees bent, arms flat by your side and palms down
  • Engage your butt and pull your tummy in
  • Lift one leg so shin is parallel to ceiling, knee directly above hip, press back to floor and lift other leg, head, neck, arms and gently pulse arms x 10, then turn palms to ceiling and pulse x 10. Do 100 if you can