How to mobilise your back

Too much sitting can weaken our back muscles, so try these 5 simple stretches help to increase mobility, reduce stiffness, improve circulation and help take back pain away – backs are made for moving!
No need for gym gear or any special equipment – all you need is you. Whether it be at your desk, at home or even on your daily commute – these can be done anywhere.

If at any time you feel pain doing these stretches, be sure to stop; stretches should feel comfortable. Go slowly and let your body have time to stretch. You should feel the positive benefits the more you keep stretching.

By clicking on and watching any of the undernoted videos, you agree that: you do not have a pre-existing medical condition to prevent you from doing any of the exercises shown; you are not in a generally unfit physical condition; and that you are deemed to have read our disclaimer 


Duration : 0.39

  • Feet hip width apart
  • Raise your arms, palms to ceiling – go slowly
  • Reach as high as you can comfortably. Release as you breathe out and lower your arms to the side. Repeat x2


Duration : 0.33

  • Stand tall –  slowly, slide your hand down the side of your leg
  • Keep the opposite shoulder down
  • Pause a moment and slowly come back up to centre
  • Then do the other side. Repeat x2 on each side


Duration : 0.33

  • Stand by your desk, feet hip
    width apart
  • Place your hands or elbows on
    the desk to take the pressure off your back
  • Slowly start to arch your back as if someone was lifting you between your shoulder blades. Allow your head and neck to relax down
  • Tuck in your tailbone, engage your butt, hold


Duration : 0.33

  • Drop your tummy down and dip your back
  • Bring your head up slowly
  • Repeat the sequence x2


Duration : 0.40

  • Stand, feet hip width apart, clench butt and pull your tummy in. Keep your hips facing forward and stretch your arms out
  • Cross right hand over your body and place palm on left hip then take it back to where we started and take left hand across body to right hip
  • Gradually move up the body rotating and placing your hands to your waist, then up to shoulders. Repeat x2